Going Live with my new site

If you have ever wanted to experience fog, try installing a new application as part of the process. It has largely gone well, with the installation of WordPress running smoothly, settings seemingly going well, and then I imported blog posts from my previous blog site. They all show up in the list of pages. Then I go to the site to view as a visitor might…

The fog is building. All I get is error messages for every link I select. The titles of imported posts are showing, but they all produce errors when clicked. Hmm. Frustration. Anxious because of other matters to deal with imposing time constraints, and sense of spaciousness amidst all that because no one will find this blog or its errors as I have not told anyone it exists.

Finding a way of relaxing and reducing pressure is a great way of reducing the intensity of self-imposed fog, something I remind myself of when I am wise enough to check in with the part of me that knows. Time to post this and then calmly, spaciously do some problem solving. Finding my way out of this fog will be a pleasure, and I will be a step closer to a fully functioning web site.