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In a Nutshell

Team Coaching is a guided process that supports your team create the results it wants. It offers a framework for your team to set stretching and challenging goals; plan strategies and actions to achieve goals; be held accountable for taking action; and develop thoughts feelings and behaviours that will enable your success and develop the culture and cohesion that enables it to be high performing.

Primary Audience

  • Executive leaders
  • Senior leaders
  • People leaders
  • HR managers
  • Programme/Project/Change managers
  • Anyone responsible for a team

Team Coaching works well for:

  • Executive and senior management teams
  • Project/Programme/Change management teams
  • Teams experiencing turmoil and/or undergoing and/or driving change
  • Teams seeking to improve their performance
  • Teams needing better experience with diversity, inclusion, and team cultures that support performance
  • Any team with skin in the game, where their results matter and are ready to drop ineffective behaviours.


For Coachee Teams
  • improved working relationships and productivity
  • strengthened team relationships and unlocking and maximising your performance and potential
  • strengthening your capacity to navigate and meet challenges, including change, and
  • expanded recognition of the unique contribution that each team member brings, and how to harvest their value.
For Sponsors of Team Coaching
  • increased team performance
  • improved engagement and retention of high potential employees and leaders, and
  • improved success rate on strategic activities and programmes of change.

Stephen gained the  Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certification in 2017 through the  International Coach Federation (ICF), is committed to upholding the ICF Code of Conduct and his ongoing professional development; and was trained through the NeuroLeadership Group, an ICF-accredited training organisation.

Creating a high performing team requires more than bringing a group of people together to achieve a common goal. Leaders often assume that when they bring high performing individuals together that a team will naturally form. While the individual strengths of team members are valuable assets, a functioning team requires capabilities that are often not naturally present and must be consciously cultivated. Developing these capabilities takes time, and can be accelerated with the help of a team coach.

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Is Team Coaching Right for You?

Being coached as an individual is challenging. When a team is being coached the individual challenges associated with personal change still exist. Additional interpersonal challenges also come into play, including working with diversity, recognising and resolving conflict, developing trust and honest expression, variation in decision-making, thinking and communication styles, and building team identity, culture and work roles and relationships. The rewards gained by receiving Team Coaching do depend on your willingness to consider and trial new possibilities. Teams who get the most out of their coaching programmes understand that for things to be different, they will have to change. They

You may want to consider Team Coaching if your team

As your coach, Stephen will help your team make sense of your current challenges, identify courses of action that will improve your team cohesion and enable you to take action with power and purpose.

Benefits of Team Coaching

The benefits you reap from team coaching will be unique to you, but here are some of the common benefits teams report

The Team Coaching Process

Team coaching is a group process. The coach and the team establish a working relationship and agree on the goals and key results sought from the coaching engagement. It is a partnering relationship. The Team Coach works with team process. Whether your team is preparing for surgery, implementing an information technology solution, managing change within your organisation, or seeking to create a space station on the far side of the moon, your coach works with the dynamics of your team and with what is emerging. Your people are the subject matter experts in the technical areas of your work. The Team Coach works with team process and interpersonal dynamics to cultivates high performance. Through coaching the team will strengthen cohesion and their capacity to establish and deliver goals, solutions and results.

The initial session develops rapport, common understanding, and agreement about the purpose and scope of the team coaching process and the coaching goals. Subsequent sessions address the goals and attend to team process matters that strengthen performance. Where the sponsor of the coaching process is not a participant in the actual coaching sessions, a separate meeting between coach and sponsor may be required to ensure agreement on purpose and desired outcomes.

Team Coaching uses a combination of

Team Coaching generally is conducted on a regular basis for a period of six to 12 months, depending on the nature and needs of the team. Face-to-face sessions generally work best.

Further Information on Coaching

The following brochures provide the full information on coaching and the various options offered by Stephen:

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