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In a Nutshell

Coaching is a guided process that supports you create the results you want. It offers a framework for you to set stretching and challenging goals; plan strategies and actions to achieve your goals; be held accountable for taking action; and develop thoughts feelings and behaviours that will enable your success.

In the area of coaching, Harrison International offers:

  • Individual Coaching: supports a leader/executive hone their capabilities in a one-on-one context, offering privacy. Sessions are specifically tailored to their needs.
  • Team Coaching: enables teams create high performance results, assuring the behaviours and attitudes of team members and the team culture support desired outcomes.
  • Group Coaching: individual coaching in a group setting that enables learning through experimentation, discovery and drawing out the collective wisdom of the cohort.

Stephen Harrison is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), is committed to upholding the ICF Code of Conduct and his ongoing professional development; and was trained through the NeuroLeadership Group, an ICF-accredited training organisation.

A group coach enables learning through experimentation, discovery and drawing out the collective wisdom of the group. The coach is a facilitator, enabler and catalyst.

Coaching connects you with and develops your capability to generate your own solutions, confidence and capacity in the roles and functions you choose to focus on. It involves “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential” (International Coach Federation).

A group environment is distinct from a team environment in that the participants do not have a unifying, common purpose or ongoing working relationship and interdependence with the others. A group coaching environment will suit you if you desire to develop and are willing to work with other people and are interested in harvesting ideas from them in the process.

Approach a business advisor, consultant or mentor for advice.

Attend a training programme to be taught how or why to function in a particular way.

See a counsellor or psychologist for therapy.

Participate in Group Coaching if you want to develop and strengthen your:

Development work in a group setting is a fantastic opportunity to explore areas that matter to you and piggyback off what others also bring. Your behaviours and attitudes will be met and challenged by others, and significant cross fertilization of ideas occurs in a managed environment conducive to experimentation and discovery. Other participants will support your growth and development in ways difficult to appreciate without the actual experience.

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How Group Coaching Works

Each Group Coaching session is held for a specified length that may be a couple of hours, half day, whole day, or even multiple days. Shorter sessions are generally run as a series, perhaps weekly or fortnightly. Attending all sessions creates the most value.

Your coach will direct the session, working with what is brought forward from within the group, and building on themes. Participants will support each other’s development by bringing forward their own experiences. Advice is not part of the process, from the participants or coach. The environment is established to strengthen and empower individual capacities, to address your development needs, and enable you to contribute meaningfully from your own power.


Your willingness and commitment to turn up with an idea on what you are wishing to address and work on for yourself, and participate in the group process.

Further Information on Coaching

The following brochures provide the full information on coaching and the various options offered by Stephen:

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