Project Management and Change-Related Services


Team working together

I offer consulting and training services that support and enable organisations to embrace change with power and purpose. Facilitating learning has always been strongly represented in all I do. As a discipline, project management, and subsequently strategic management, change management and leadership, all deeply connected and integral to each other, became areas of passionate interest. While very capable, as testimonials attest, I am very much more interested in enabling others to perform better in these fields than to ‘do’ the work myself. I am energised by seeing an organisation, team and/or individual perform better as a result of my presence than doing a project and the client’s capability to manage on their own is no better as a result. Working with and alongside teams and leaders is where I can create lasting results that continue beyond my tenure.

Services that apply to supporting the development of organisational, team and individual capability in strategic management, project management and change management include:

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