Leadership and Team Development

Leadership can be defined as the ability to change the status quo in order to achieve a desired outcome. The status quo might be one’s own thoughts, feelings and behaviours (Personal Leadership), the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of others (People Leadership) or the systems, processes and culture of an organisation (Business Leadership). Leadership capability is required in most roles, but is especially required for people who have direct reports, people who need to engage others in delivering programmes of work and people who work as a team to achieve a shared objective.

Harrison International provides support for leaders wanting to enhance their own and their team’s leadership capability and for Senior HR Leaders wanting to lift leadership capability across the organisation.

Leaders value our:

Senior HR Leaders value me providing help to:

Development Programmes

Leading light

Lombardo and Eichinger, of ‘Lominger’ fame, proposed a rule of thumb for the design of effective learning based on their research of what methods of learning work best. The 70/20/10 rule proposes that 70% of what we learn is through on the job experience, 20% is gained through useful feedback (including reflection and coaching) and 10% is learned through formal instruction.

Stephen designs learning solutions that blends learning into the on job experiences of your people, supported by feedback processes and timely and effective formal learning. Partner with us to design your blended learning solution from scratch or to tailor one of our existing programmes to your needs.

Existing programmes include:

I also offer a number of stand-alone workshops for those who have targeted learning needs and who are ready to take personal responsibility for transferring their learning to their work environments. Workshop participants get the opportunity to:

  • explore their purpose for being on the workshop
  • be exposed to best practice principles in the workshop topic area
  • build relationships and learn from others who have similar challenges to themselves
  • try out and get feedback on the application of key skills through various action methods
  • reflect on their own strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • plan how they will transfer their learning once they are back on the job

Stand-alone workshops with a leadership focus include:

These are available to run in-house.

I am able to offer these learning solutions off-the-shelf, tailor these or develop bespoke workshops and programmmes.

Contact Stephen about your specific requirements. E-mail him or Book a Coaching Session with him now or read more about What I offer.