Why Sponsor Coaching?

Coaching is a guided process that supports your people create the results you want. It offers a framework for them to:

As a sponsor you have a significant interest in the success of the coaching process. After all you are responsible for funding and assuring your organisation gets a return on investment.

Coaching Options

Stephen Harrison of Harrison International provides the following coaching options:

Why Coaching? The Benefits!

Coaching directly supports organisational development by enabling individuals and teams to:

Coaching provides individuals and teams with a unique and targeted intervention that addresses their development where they are and with what they need.

Why have Confidence in Coaching?

Coaching, as offered by Stephen Harrison, is based on the standards and credentialling processes of the International Coach Federation. As such, the coaching offered means Stephen has:

The Sponsor and the Coaching Process

With responsibilities to your organisation, and a team to apply to delivering results, you need them to succeed. There are many development options available to you. To be reading this, you realise that coaching is one you will consider.

It is important that you identify a coach that will work effectively with your people. Things you might check in engaging a coach include their:

Refer to my web site for the answers to these and other questions you may have about who I am, what I offer, and what you can expect.

As sponsor of a potential coachee, I would meet with the two of you to understand your needs, and theirs, and to discuss the coaching agreement. Simply put, you can ask the coachee for their feedback on sessions with me, but as coach I will not divulge any content of our sessions. I would share how many sessions we have held, and how they are progressing relative to any agreed schedule.

If the coaching relationship will not work, I will end the relationship in line with the Coaching Agreement. The coachee has the same right. There is no point wasting time and money. Usually the initial meeting is sufficient to confirm the relationship will work

The coachee brings to the sessions whatever they decide is most relevant for them to work on. As their coach I may challenge them if they appear to be off what was discussed in the initial meeting with you. However, given that one of coaching’s intended outcomes is a self-empowered and self-sufficient leader, the coachee maintains responsibility for the overall direction of the coaching session(s).

You would likely see changes in behaviour of the coachee after a few sessions that suggest some of the impact of the coaching. That would be a great time to inquire of the coachee about what they are gaining from their coaching experience.

As with any development of your people, the benefits show as suitably adjusted behaviours and increased capabilities and capacities in areas that matter. Coaching leads to readily observable shifts. You will see the results and the benefits.

Further Information on Coaching

The following brochures provide the full information on coaching and the various options offered by Stephen: