I've had the privilege of working with Stephen through a 12 week coaching programme. Whilst initially, coaching was completely foreign to me, Stephen's transparent and client focussed approach allowed me to embrace the process and start to forge my own path. As the programme progressed the guidance that he has given me along this path has been far more than the practical executive skills training that I was expecting. Looking back now, Stephen has facilitated a much wider and likely life-long transition for me, helping me undergo massive personal growth, whilst at the same time successfully tackling one of the toughest periods in my professional career. Highly recommended.

Stu, Auckland, New Zealand

How fortunate was I to have met Stephen over the course of attending a business accelerator programme in Wellington (March-June 2016). Stephen was fantastic! He has a keen understanding of the challenges, professional and private, that we all face and his support and training has enriched my life. His is warm, real and focused. Thank you Stephen!!!

Sue, Timaru, New Zealand

Stephen Harrison is really looking out for your best interest and enhancement as a whole person. I have received a coaching session with him and he took the time to investigate the areas in your whole life that will bring you full success. At the end of my coaching, we had identified 3 areas that really lit me up from the inside out. It was a great experience and brought a new awareness of myself.

Tiffany, California, USA

I undertook a series of coaching sessions with Stephen in 2014. My goal in doing so was to challenge my thinking around a number of aspects of my life, most notably in relation to my work. Looking back, I count it as one of the most useful things I have ever done for myself.

Stephen has a very solid sense of integrity in how he conducts himself that was enabling in its own right and he carefully combines this with his considerable personal capabilities and experience. The coaching process was extremely well thought-through and followed a structure that allowed for a free exploration of where I wanted to go whilst providing a coherent framework within which to work. Stephen was at all times respectful and supportive yet managed to encourage me to challenge myself when needed. As a result the coaching helped me to make sense of some ways in which what I was doing was not in accordance with where I wanted to be and to identify how to address those areas. At the same time it also encouraged me to consider properly what I had achieved to date and to build from that solid foundation.

I came out of the coaching feeling more capable, confident and in a new position at work that is allowing me to expand further. I greatly value the experience of working with Stephen and am delighted to recommend him to others considering a similar undertaking.

Neil, Auckland, New Zealand

In my experience, Stephen’s supportive, warm, empathic and clear approach to coaching is making potentially dry and pragmatic business-talk enjoyable.

His transparency in regards to his own process, and his open-hearted, non-judgmental manner create an environment of trust, acceptance, and safety, which is beneficial to working on obstacles on a deeper level, that get in the way of progressing towards success. I really appreciate the versatile tools and skills Stephen brings into his work, which allow for a creative and playful way of dealing with those obstacles. He has the ability to tune into what is needed for me to stay on track, gently and firm, through guidance, support, holding, or simply information.

Ingrid, Auckland, New Zealand

Stephen is a coach with a lot of depth. He is calm and holds the space through difficult moments, at the same time his style of questioning and reflection are extremely powerful catalysts. I saw breakthrough in at least 2 areas of my life and I would not have believed that much was possible in 6 sessions.

Urvashi, India

I was privileged to have a one-to-one career coaching session with Stephen recently.

Stephen is professional and courteous, his calm, patient manner will help ease any anxiety.

Not only is he clearly knowledgeable and an experienced career coach, he is also a perceptive observer, therefore, Stephen provides invaluable advice and guidance.

The coaching session help me improve my CV, how I write covering letters, and provided techniques to effectively apply in interviews, therefore, giving me confidence in my approach.

Edina, Wellington, New Zealand

Stephen was extremely helpful in facilitating my recent career change. Challenged my assumptions enabling me to make bold and well prepared steps forward.

Peter, Wellington, New Zealand

Project Management

Stephen has been a great Project Manager to our company bringing together and harmonising team relationships to deliver well thought through and communicated solutions. I highly recommend Stephen as a extremely valuable business partner.

Tim (was Business stakeholder, Northpower, various projects)

Stephen was brought in as project manager at a very challenging time for our software integration project. His methodical approach addressed one concern after another and got the project team working together again, and moving forward with a common purpose. 10 months later we had achieved 2 major releases and have in place a solid set of practices that will see us deliver results to the business over and over. I cannot recommend Stephen highly enough.

Dave (was Software Designer/Developer, Northpower Ultrafast Broadband OSS/BSS project)

Stephen is a diligent Project Manager, with an acute attention to detail. Stephen is very focused on the tasks ahead of him and achieves results.

Chris (was Business Stakeholder for various projects, Northpower)

I engaged Stephen as project manager of a large-scale, complex and time-bound endeavour to deliver the machinery necessary to support the training and competence assessment of financial advisers.

Stephen proved himself to be an outstanding project manager with mastery of a broad project management toolkit, extraordinary attention to detail, and real empathy for the human dimensions of complex and demanding project work.

I appreciated in particular Stephen’s ability to navigate uncertainty, hold anxiety, and create meaning for the people who looked to him for leadership in what was a dynamic and unpredictable environment.

I unreservedly recommend Stephen and I wish him every success for his future.

Michael (was Project Sponsor, ETITO Financial Adviser Act project)

Stephen is an intelligent and focused individual that is able to engage his team and stakeholders in a common purpose and at the same time drive for optimum results. His leadership as project manager for the FAA project at ETITO was second to none enabling us as a team to achieve some pretty audacious goals! I would welcome the opportunity to work with Stephen again on future projects.

Leonie (was Manager - Assessment Network, ETITO Financial Adviser Act project)

I worked as the BA closely with Stephen Harrison, when he was the Project Manager at ETITO running the project for establishing an effective assessment system for the NZ Financial Advisers, as per the financial adviser regulations established by the Securities Commission.

Stephen is a very experienced and capable Project Manager, who knows how to give direction, is supportive but at the same time let his team members autonomously take responsibility for their share.

The project had to be planned and executed with the utmost uncertainties, unforeseen complexities and the solution had to be implemented within a very short timeline. Throughout the project timeline, Stephen’s power came from his calm appearance; he never lost his composure even under extreme pressure, focused on what had to be achieved both tactically & strategically and had a very pragmatic approach.

Stephen is a very astute Project Manager who knew how to get the job done, had great business sense and showed good technical facilitation skills guiding his own team and vendor teams to the objectives whilst managing to also add significant technical value given his depth of knowledge.

He always had the ability to think outside-of-the-box.

It was my pleasure to be part of Stephen’s project team and I look forward to working with him again in another project.

Charu (was Business Analyst, ETITO Financial Adviser Act project)


Stephen Harrison was a voice of reason and logical expression on the Board. He had a huge job representing most of the globe at the time that was not North America. He never shirked from the tremendous burden. He also did not accept "because" as a well-reasoned response to a question. He believed that if PMI was to be a global organization it must have global representation and be present globally. He also championed representation in ways not currently considered by PMI. Stephen challenges the "what is" for the "what can be" in a professional manner that sets the stage for true strategic planning. I miss working with him and exploring the world with him.

Becky (was Director, Project Management Institute)

Stephen is an extremely professional and highly knowledgeable member of the project management community. He has been a dedicated volunteer and member of the PMI, Board of Directors and has contributed significantly to the advancement of project management as a profession. In my role as the Assembly of SIG Chairs (ASC) Vice Chair for PMI Board Relations, I worked closely with all PMI Board Members it was always a pleasure to collaborate with Stephen. He is always willing to assist others and has mentored many aspiring project managers. Stephen demonstrates excellent leadership and remains true to his values as a professional. I value Stephen as a friend and colleague. I give him the strongest recommendation possible.

Charles (was component leader, Project Management Institute)