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In a Nutshell

Coaching is a guided process that supports you create the results you want. It offers a framework for you to set stretching and challenging goals; plan strategies and actions to achieve your goals; be held accountable for taking action; and develop thoughts feelings and behaviours that will enable your success.

Primary Audience

  • Executive leaders
  • Senior leaders
  • People leaders
  • HR managers
  • Programme/Project/Change managers
  • Individuals interested in their personal development, clarity of purpose and vision, and improved performance

Coaching works well for:

  • Senior/executive leaders
  • Programme/project/change managers
  • Anyone preparing for or in transition
  • Anyone seeking or settling into new roles
  • Anyone wishing to develop new capabilities, sound out ideas or work through barriers, habits and issues
  • Anyone seeking greater meaning, purpose, passion or performance in their life and/or work


For a Coachee
  • unlocking and maximising your performance and potential
  • strengthening your capacity to navigate and meet challenges, including change
For Sponsors of Coachees
  • increased individual and team performance
  • improved engagement and retention of high potential employees and leaders
  • improved success rate of programmes of change

A coaching engagement may be:

  • One off, for returned clients wanting to work through a specific and concise issue.
  • Short term, when a coachee has a specific, but significant matter to work through.
  • Longer term engagement when a coachee is seeking to bring about significant transformation over a period of time.

Stephen Harrison is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), is committed to upholding the ICF Code of Conduct and his ongoing professional development; and was trained through the NeuroLeadership Group, an ICF-accredited training organisation.

Being a leader can be rewarding and challenging at the same time. With the rewards of more responsibility, power, influence and status come significant challenges. These include setting direction and expectations for your team; finding, engaging and developing your team; managing limited resources to deliver results that meet your stakeholders’ expectations; being focused producing results; and navigating a dynamically changing environment. As a leader you have to make sense of ambiguous situations; make tough decisions; take courageous action; and communicate complex information to people with diverse interests, influences and capabilities. On top of all this many in leadership also experience ‘imposter syndrome’, an internal critical voice repetitively announcing: “You’re a fraud! You are not really up to the task you have been entrusted with and very soon you will be found out.” Although surrounded by people all day, as a leader you are often alone, without support, in navigating your challenges.

Coaching is a guided process that supports you create the results you want. It offers a framework for you to set stretching and challenging goals; plan strategies and actions to achieve your goals; be held accountable for taking action; and develop thoughts feelings and behaviours that will enable your success.

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Is Coaching Right for You?

Being a coachee is hard work. You gain from your coaching programme based on what you put in. Coachees who get the most out of their coaching programmes understand that for things to be different, they will have to change. They have compelling reasons to change; are open and honest with themselves and their coach; give and receive affirmative and constructive feedback; are open to try out new ways of being; make time to reflect; and trust the process, even when the going gets tough. If this sounds like you, read on.

Coaching may be of value to you, if you want to:

Your Coach may support you by:

Your Coach will help you make sense of your current challenges as a leader, identify courses of action that will move you, your team and your organisation forward and help you take action and embrace change with power and purpose.

Benefits of Coaching

The benefits you reap from Coaching will be unique to you, but here are some of the common benefits coachee’s report:

Organisations that sponsor their people through Coaching identify benefits as improved:

99% of sponsors indicate they are somewhat or very satisfied with the coaching experience and outcomes with 96% indicating they would repeat the process (ICF Research Portal).

Another benefit is that coaching enhances the learning process by supporting and enabling learners to assimilate and apply new knowledge and skills. Stephen Harrison includes individual and/or Team Coaching in some learning programmes to optimise the real return of value to organisations.

The Coaching Process

As your coach Stephen will work with you to ensure you have the ingredients needed to develop insight; learn; identify and implement needed change; and to assure optimum performance. By working with you to achieve intra-personal congruence, and access to your full capacity and capability, all your energy is being applied to creating the desired outcomes.

Your mind, your knowledge, your experiences, and your innate capacity to gain insights are your primary resources. I bring my capacity to work with you by building trust and rapport, and provoke your thinking through questions, listening, observation, feedback and challenge to bring the coaching process to life.

In general, there are three main formats for coaching engagements:

Where the coachee seeks more than a single, one-off session, then the following approach is followed by me.

First Coaching Session

The Coaching process requires commitment from and trust between both the coach and the coachee for coaching to work. Our first ever coaching session together enables you and I to meet and determine if we can have a productive coaching relationship together.

During this session we will develop a shared understanding of each other’s expectations, the number and frequency of coaching sessions, the process for scheduling and cancelling sessions, what your investment will be and what the payment terms are. We will also determine the general nature of the overall engagement, whether you wish to:

Establishing agreements between you as coachee and me as coach, committing to honour them and abiding by those commitments, is important for the coaching relationship to thrive and for the process to produce value.

As a minimum, you can expect me, as your Coach to:

As a minimum, you can expect your coach to:

As a minimum, your coach will expect you to:

A formal Coaching Agreement will be finalised before your next coaching session.

If your organisation is sponsoring your coaching process, then an initial meeting between your sponsor, you and me may be held to ensure all parties have a consistent understanding of what will and will not be shared between all parties. Confidentiality of content is of paramount importance, as as your coach I will not share content of sessions with anyone.

Follow-up Coaching Sessions

Structured Goals-Oriented Engagement

If you follow a structured process for pursuing specific goals, then the coaching process focusses on developing areas of your professional and, as appropriate, personal life through the establishment and pursuit of stretch goals. I will work with you to draw out the goals, and then establish strategies and actions that will enable them to be achieved. The goals will be yours. So will the strategies and actions. The goals will stretch and challenge you. Your coach will hold you accountable for taking the actions you identified and committed to. Your coach will also will help you to make sense of and learn from your successes and challenges. In this process, you will expand your capacity to make a positive difference to what you create for yourself.

By the end of the coaching engagement you will have made marked progress towards your goals, perhaps even successful completion. The coaching process does not have to run to completion of goals. It is provided to enhance your capacity and push you forward. You will develop your capacity to maintain your energy and focus beyond the coaching relationship, take the momentum with you, and be able to build on your sense of achievement gained from the coaching. We will ensure that before you complete coaching we review and are very clear about what you have achieved so that the basis for confidence has real substance, and provides tangible evidence you can achieve what you put your mind to.

Unstructured Coaching Engagement

In this approach, as your coach, I will work with you to understand what you seek from a session, on a session by session basis, whether you are seeking clarification, to explore and understand a problem, to reach a decision, to gain comfort for a decision already made, or some other purpose. The session is then devoted to achieving that purpose, you and I working together in partnership to achieve that.

Coaching may be conducted face-to-face, or virtually by phone or Skype.

Further Information on Coaching

The following brochures provide the full information on coaching and the various options offered by Stephen:

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