Offer: Free Individual Coaching Session (Offer Now Closed)

I am offering a free session (up to 1.5 hours) to experience coaching with me to help you answer the questions:

The free session Stephen is offering will cover the following:

Coaching is a significant undertaking, and it is important that you understand the value, and have a high trust relationship with your coach. That is why Stephen offers this free session. This is not a temporary, 'let's-drive-business-to-my-door' offer. It is how I run my coaching business. You trust and then you engage. However, there will only be one free coaching session per qualifying person with me in this lifetime.

How Do I Qualify for a Free Individual Coaching Session?

Qualifying for a free coaching session is easy. Available to anyone who has not worked with me as their coach, you then do what I recommend for all clients - download, fill out, and email to me, the Coaching Preparatio Questionnaire. The form is intended to provoke your thinking about what you want your coaching to focus on so you can gain as much as possible from your experience. It will warm you up to what matters to you. It will likely act as the starting point for our coaching conversation.

Take Up this Offer

It is so simple. Do the following:

I will review your submitted form in preparation for our session. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Further Information on Coaching

The following brochures provide the full information on coaching and the various options offered by Stephen:

Stephen Harrison, Your Coach

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