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Stephen Harrison

Stephen Harrison

Professional Stephen

Stephen works with organizations, teams and individuals to enable them to embrace change with power and purpose. His first book, Appreciate the Fog: Embrace Change with Power and Purpose, explores how an individual can develop personal power and resilience when confronted with challenge. His more than two decades in project, strategic and change management strengthened his belief in the fundamental importance of people over tools and techniques to achieve success. As a coach and group facilitator, and as part of his work in leadership development, Stephen works with what is emerging in the moment from within the individual or group, applying methods that engage the whole person (thinking, feeling, action), drawing out creativity and spontaneity, and encouraging full engagement and appropriate expression by the participants to achieve the stated outcomes of the client. Examples of how his skills may be applied include igniting creativity, eliciting solutions to problems, developing team cohesiveness, strengthening roles and capabilities, and resolving conflict. He works directly with individuals and teams to develop their capability and deliver high performance outcomes. Stephen has provided consulting services locally in New Zealand and training throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia, North America and the Middle East. Stephen is also actively involved in facilitating programmes for men.

Deeply committed to his original profession, Stephen founded the Project Management Institute New Zealand (PMINZ) chapter and served for six years on the international board of PMI. Stephen led the development of PMI’s globalisation strategy, was made a Fellow of PMI New Zealand and received the 2004 PMI Distinguished Contribution award in acknowledgement of his services to the profession.

Qualifications, credentials and awards he holds include:

  • BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from University of Auckland
  • Masters Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University
  • Certificate in Brain-Based Coaching from Neuroleadership Group
  • Competent Communicator (CC) and Competent Communicator (CL) from Toastmasters International
  • Fellow of PMI New Zealand (FPMINZ) from PMI New Zealand
  • 2004 PMI Distinguished Contribution Award from PMI

Personal Stephen

Married with three adult children, he lives in the Wellington, New Zealand. Personal interests include photography, massage, travel and walking. This has included two sponsored 100km in 36 hours walks for Oxfam.

Personal Growth Stephen

Strongly focused on his own personal development, Stephen has extensive training in coaching, group facilitation, and therapeutic and personal growth modalities, including action methods, Co-counselling and Nonviolent Communication, and coaching. It is his interest in personal growth generally, and his own experiences, that led him to writing his first book.

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Appreciate the Fog

Image of book: Appreciate the Fog

Appreciate the Fog evolved as a direct result of his own experiences and learning in both his professional and personal life. Having experienced significant 'fog' in his life, he realised that rather than struggling with the uncertainty, chaos and confusion that life serves up, there is real value when such periods are used to deepen the relationship we have with ourselves. The development of true intimacy with oneself enables resilience and personal power to be developed and manifest, and for us to stand strong in our authenticity. Since writing this book, life has served further significant surprises which have deepened and matured his understanding of what it means and how to 'Appreciate the Fog'.


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